Today’s appointment wasn’t any different, Paul thought, than the many times he had been to the optometrist, the same one for almost twenty years. Between his home and the metro station, the doctor’s office was a small, trendy-looking storefront midway on a city block of restaurants and small shops. They had lived in this community for over two decades. Everything was there in a six-block area: a pharmacy, Trader Joe’s grocery store, multiple coffee shops, a couple of small gyms, a great farmer’s market, his primary care physician, a branch of the public library… and the optometrist.

When he and…

I live in Washington, DC, but Richmond is my home. I don’t get there often, but I was there a week or so ago and drove down Monument Avenue for the first time since the removal of the statues of Confederate icons and soldiers. It was a sultry Sunday afternoon in July. Summertime in Richmond. Few cars. Few people.

I stopped at the pedestal that once held the statue of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy. It surprised me. I felt nothing. When a Richmond friend texted me early in July that the Stonewall Jackson statue was coming down—now, right…

Tamara Lucas Copeland

Daughter of the South, born, raised, educated in Virginia. My mantra is “reveal, reflect, recalibrate” as I learn and unlearn about structural racism and bias.

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